This Is Why These Billionaires, Investors, CEOs, And Financial Institutions Like Bitcoin

The aim of this post is to help you understand why it makes sense to buy Bitcoin or a fraction of it, Stack Sats, and Hodl just like what the rich are doing. However, instead of me explaining why you should get on the right side of history, I’ll share with you why renowned investors,Continue reading “This Is Why These Billionaires, Investors, CEOs, And Financial Institutions Like Bitcoin”

Bitcoin’s Origin

I started researching the history of this digital asset and cryptocurrency last year, and I was fascinated. Reading about it was like entering a rabbit hole. Learning the history of Bitcoin and its influences, such as the Cypherpunk movement, while seeing where the world is heading got me into stacking Sats. You can read theContinue reading “Bitcoin’s Origin”


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About Me

An avid learner who believes that Bitcoin is here to stay. I’m not a personal finance expert or some financial advisor. I’m merely a Bitcoin and emerging technologies enthusiast who works at a software company. I enjoy learning about personal finance, new technologies, and now, this revolutionary crypto asset and cryptocurrency. I feel like understanding them help me understand the present and prepare for the future.

I created this blog to share my learnings and findings about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is currently like the Internet in the late 80s. It is still in its infancy. I felt like it is my personal responsibility to learn about these emerging technologies and to share my findings with people I care about so that they don’t feel left behind. Hence, why I created this blog in the first place.

I’ve been lucky enough to have friends who got into Bitcoin in 2016. Because of them and by doing some research myself, I now have a better understanding of what Bitcoin is, how it works, and why I should stack some sats. 😉

Hopefully, through this blog, I can help a fellow Bitcoin newbie learn more about this new digital store of value the way my friends have helped me.

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